18 February 2010
The battle has been won against the trafic in New York City

Literature won the battle again against New York traffic during the early hours on the 17th February under Brooklyn Bridge on Water St.

Photos: Gustavo Sanabria

Time of installation: 2 hours
Damages: none
Exhibition time: 7 hours?

11 September 2012
Literature versus traffic in Melbourne

In June, we went to Melbourne to carry out a large-scale installation, our largest so far, at the Light in Winter festival.

This year’s theme was “reading”, for this reason they asked us to recreate Literature vs Traffic, a piece that we had previously installed in New York in a subversive manner and which they now offered us the opportunity to expand it and make it grow for a month.

Photos: Gustavo Sanabria

Time of installation: 30 days
Damages: none
Exhibition time: 1 month