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Newsletter #1 Summer 2005
Our premiere issue! What's New at Kater-Crafts?, The Changing Book and  Employee profiles.

Newsletter #2 January 2006
A Very Big Book! The restoration of a 325 pound Visitor's Register  from the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce dated 1896. We used a forklift to bring it into the bindery.

Newsletter #3 Autumn 2006
A profile of Mel Kavin and the early history of Kater-Crafts. 
A list of our recent film projects

Newsletter #4 Summer 2007
The Future of Books and the closing of many Southern California bookstores. A short history of Cartophily, the collecting of illustrated advertising cards.

Newsletter #5 Autumn 2008
Celebrating our 60th year! What was happening in 1948: average salary, what things cost, world events, popular music, books, films and TV.

Newsletter #6 Autumn 2010
Vintage bookbinding equipment used everyday in our bindery. The importance of books in education and the state of our libraries. The Roycrofters and the Arts & Crafts movement in America.