The maintenance of library collections for maximum use by both present and future readers is a fundamental duty of the librarian. Utilization of LBI Standard binding reduces the cost per circulation, making it the most worthwhile and budget saving program for your library.            

There are 30 separate operations involved in binding a book
according to the NISO/LBI Standard and each one of them is important.











 1. Pick-up Volumes
 2. Import data from Library
 3. Sort and count Volumes
4. Check Binding Slips for instructions

5. Collate Volumes

6. Mill spine, if necessary

 7. Measure Volumes
 8. Select end sheets
 9. Leaf attachment:
          Sew through the fold
           Recase / save sew
           Double-fan adhesive bind
           Side sew
10. Smash & fold end sheets (oversew)
11. Glue off the spine
12. Machine or hand trim book blocks
13. Round and back (if necessary)

14. Select the inlay
15. Line up the spine
16. Cut binders board for cover
17. Pull cloth
18. Cut cloth
19. Stamp lettering on the cloth
20. Match the cloth to the volumes
21. Proof read lettering on  volumes
22. Case making
23. Case-in the volumes
24. Build-in (apply pressure)
25. Inspect & clean
26. Sort for delivery
27. Billing
28. Packing
29. Export data to Library
30. Delivery